India’s gaming market in 2023 to reach $868 million – excluding real-money games, according to Niko Partners. By 2027, it is projected to grow to $1.581 billion. The compound annual growth rate is 17.2%.

Newzoo estimated the Indian gaming market at $2.2 billion in 2022 – including real-money games.

It is the fastest-growing major gaming market in Asia. The number of players in the country is expected to grow 343% to 641.2 million between 2017 and 2027. China’s audience growth will be 21% over the same period.

  • Currently, India has 444.4 million players
  • 96.8% of Indian players play on mobile devices
  • 31% of users make in-game purchases
  • 71.8% of Indian players interact with cyber sports – playing cyber sports, watching tournaments, or participating in competitions
  • Rising incomes, internet penetration, and smartphones (albeit in the low-end category) are the main drivers of growth