The Immutable partners with developer Mineloader to speed up the process of creating the new mobile Web3 game Guild of Guardians.

A side note: Web3 shooter Undead Blocks launched on ImmutableX

Mineloader will be the main development partner of the new project and will work on the in-game economy with Web2 elements, while Immutable will focus entirely on the economy of the Web3 format.

We are obsessed with making Web3 games that are fun to play, which means we are unwavering in our commitment to quality and high standards at Immutable Games. Working with Mineloader, we are confident that we can deliver the amazing mobile gaming experience that the gaming community deserves.

Justin Hulog, CEO of Immutable
Immutable partners

Mineloader has previously worked on games for mobile platforms, PC and consoles for the past 20 years. The company has been involved in the development of games such as The Division 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Immutable and Mineloader hope to accelerate development and release Guild of Guardians by the end of 2023. More than 1 million players have already pre-registered for the game.