Hyper Games Conference (HGC) – is an international brand that combines events of various formats and a media resource in the niche of the mobile gaming market.

Hyper Games Conference, Online – is the main international conference devoted to developing, promoting, and growing the hyper/hybrid-casual games industry. Right now, it is the most famous and biggest online event (in the niche).

Hyper Games Meet-ups. Offline – events for the local gaming community in the world’s most promising countries and cities in terms of game development.                  

HC.games – is a global media source of news and content dedicated to hyper/hybrid-casual, WEB3 games & acquisitions.

We are happy to announce two significant HGC events that we are already preparing for.

The first one is the HGC #6 Turkey & African Edition! The event will be held on September 1-2, ONLINE! 

This is our traditional conference, dedicated mostly to hyper/hybrid-casual games and Web3 games, marketing, advertising, and many more. 

This time, we will pay a special focus on the Turkish and African game markets, revealing their peculiarities, tips, and tricks. We’ll also talk about other areas, the worldwide hyper-casual sector and Web3 gaming.

The second event we’ve been working on is perhaps the greatest one! Please welcome HGC, All Gaming Edition & EXPO! This major physical event will be held on November 14-15 in Istanbul, Turkey! 

The conference will cover three major directions: 

  • Hyper-Casual
  • All Mobile
  • Web3 Games 

It will be a tremendous event! We are going to bring together 2000+ participants from more than 40 countries, 900+ gaming brands and 100+ speakers to cover all the details and tendencies of the stated topics.

Meet-ups have been updated:

  • Hyper Games Meet-up (Turkey, Ankara) — September 17, 2022
  • Hyper Games Meet-up (India, Mumbai) — TBA, 2023

Thank you for your support and participation in our events!