We know that not all market trends are equal, and not all should be considered. But how do we identify the most winning one? Ketchapp Games has identified 2 main types of hyper-casual trends.

Here are the approximate numbers of game downloads that have hit the right trend.

The Shooting Stars

You have heard about the projects that are fast on everyone’s lips, let’s say lightning-quick. For example, the sensational series “Squid Game” or the button-playing pop-it toys are examples of The Shooting Stars trends.

With hyper-casual games, the same result can be achieved. It all depends on the timing of getting the game to market and the speed of development! The key is to develop the game in a few days and promote it live until the trend peaks!

If you bet on a trend overgrowing before your eyes, you will soon be able to reap the rewards.

But you have to keep in mind the following factors:

  • Competition. You’re not alone in an industry that generally focuses on viral social trends.
  • Betting on the game early on. Based on a trend, it can happen that a game will take off quickly, but just as quickly, everyone will forget about it, like, in the case of the Milk Crate Challenge.
  • Social trends. Remember, some trends will remain too niche to deliver scalable CPI. But at the same time, others won’t offer enough depth to build engaging gameplay.
The Long-Lasting Trends

Drawing, crafting, body-evolution… some mechanics or controls offer enough depth to unlock whole new horizons.

Such trends can be used for months before they go downhill! Take advantage of this and keep an eye on the charts. You are sure to find something that is relevant almost always.

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But, by no means rush into generating ideas. On the contrary, set aside time to clearly break down your idea before launching into production. By doing so and thinking through each step, you won’t throw away your game after the first test.

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