The situation in the mobile market changes from year to year. In the past, all you had to do was create an app and watch players take an interest in it themselves, thereby developing your game, but now the situation is completely different. For your app to get any recognition at all, a lot of effort and finances have to go into marketing. How to deal with slow promotion of your mobile game was explained by Aarki.

Reports suggest that around $336 billion was spent on mobile game and app advertising alone in 2022, a figure that is already steadily increasing. And if that’s still not an impressive figure for you, it’s only a fraction of the total mobile app market estimate, which is about $7 trillion – more than the annual budget of some developed European countries.

A side note: Remarketing in the privacy era

As the mobile app economy continues to thrive, it brings with it many challenges. Let’s focus on the main source of revenue – mobile gaming.

slow promotion of your mobile game

According to SensorTower, there has been little change in the number of game downloads between 2021 and 2022 – with the leaders remaining in place.

The pandemic has certainly affected user behaviour, leading to an increase in remote working, digital nomads and lifestyle changes. And mobile devices have become an integral part of this lifestyle.

While the number of hours spent on mobile devices will continue to grow, it is unlikely that both monetary investment and user attention will follow. People are becoming more cautious. Especially in the face of global economic challenges. And mobile marketers need to be prepared for an era of slow growth.

If you are a game developer, especially a newcomer, be prepared for stiff competition in the mobile app market, regardless of which region you plan to release in. Pre-registration campaigns can buy you valuable time. By preparing your market, you can optimise campaign metrics such as CPM and CTR. This will help you scale effectively and reach your desired audience. This is a strategy that lays the foundation for better marketing performance.

If you are aiming to release a new game and already have an established game with a large and loyal fan base, cross-promotion may be your best option.

There are times when, despite your best efforts, users leave your app. In times of sluggish growth, it’s important to focus all your energy on luring them back. This is where retargeting comes in.

Be prepared for any option, as the mobile market does not tolerate indecision. Think through the strategy, because the mobile market does not tolerate indecision.

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