Coda has shared an article about the publishing of Hoop World and how it achieved good metrics.

On October 22, game studio Tapped launched Hoop World, a basketball game where you shoot the ball. And in the last month, they’ve had success: the game has received more than half a million installs, reached 4.7 stars on iOS with more than 6,500 reviews, and ranked #4 on the App Store in the US among sports games.

Coda is proud of Tapped – they were the first studio to go through the Golden Cohort program. Together, they worked with Tapped on the idea, developing the game and learning how to develop, scale the game.

Tapped at the helm

Golden Cohort’s primary goal is to allow developers to get behind the wheel and learn how to manage game development independently. Publisher representatives work with them, advise and support them.

Golden Cohort has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the world of hyper-casual games. You don’t know what happens with user engagement, monetization strategy, and results with regular publishers. But with Coda, we were able to implement everything. They were very open and communicative from the start.

Harry Kilian, CEO of Tapped
Testing tools

Coda guided Tapped through the process, gave them the tools they needed to test and decide on a way forward. Tapped was familiar with game development; they already have two games. But they were less familiar with the post-launch process.

During Golden Cohort, the teams worked in three key areas:

Idea stage: Concept

The developers tested the mechanics using different themes. Subsequently, the one that got the most traction was chosen. The tests showed that the basketball theme was the most popular option for the mechanics, with user retention around 50%.

Development stage: Features

Using the Coda SDK, Tapped ran A/B tests on various ideas and features of the game during its development. While players were engrossed in the game, the developers continued testing to see how bonus levels or playthrough scenarios would affect the game. Thanks to this, they increased LTV by 5% through A/B testing.

Launch stage: Marketing

Coda helped the developers create marketing videos and tested them to attract the newest players. They were given the information they needed to make decisions and determine the profitability of their game. And taught them how to scale the game.

We’re incredibly proud of the work Tapped has done on Hoop World. And we will continue to work with them to achieve even more growth.