Homa Games is one of the leading publishers in the mobile games industry. The company announced its commitment to expanding the industry with a casual games publishing company. They plan to expand their mobile gaming business, showcasing their skills in both casual and hyper-casual games.

Homa Games is headquartered in Paris, France and has offices in Toulouse, Skopje and Lviv. The company has shown significant growth in 2020 and 2021, increasing its staff from 20 to 90 people.

Homa Games uses its publishing technology to develop a new strategy to showcase success in hyper-casual games and casual games. Also, they work with game developers to optimize their games and receive full support from editors and the Market Intelligence, Creative, and User Acquisition & Monetization groups.

Board games and puzzles target specific audiences, integrating proprietary monetization systems into the industry. But, applying essential elements of hyper-casual games to casual games has proven successful in games such as Minesweeper from Hyperlite Studios and Dominoes Pro from Maysalward.

Janette D’Alessio, Strategic Business Development Manager at Homa Games, made the following statements in line with the company’s goals:

By introducing a new monetization strategy in Minesweeper and using new technologies, we were able to increase user retention on the D1 and increase LTV to 18%. This allowed us to unleash the potential of our tools.

Janette D’Alessio, Strategic Business Development Manager at Homa Games

Olivier Le Bass, CTO at Homa Games, added:

As a company, we have a lot to offer developers not only in the hyper-casual genre but across the entire gaming industry. This is why we are now expanding our capabilities and looking for the best developers. We are looking for studios with the same ambition and outlook as we do.

Olivier Le Bass, CTO at Homa Games

The appointment of Carlos Mas Rodriguez as VP of Gaming Products after the top talent from Voodoo has taken strategic positions at Homa Games is a sign that the company will continue to strengthen with the best talent in the market. In the past, Mas Rodriguez worked for Scopely in Scrabble Go, one of the best board games on the market. He brings Homa Games a wealth of experience implementing strategies for casual games from inception to scaling and worldwide launch.

In addition to its recent hiring, Homa Games continues to attract new talent and diversify its staff.