In partnership with Feral Interactive, IO Interactive has announced Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal Switch, iOS, and Android in celebration of IO Interactive’s 25th anniversary. It will launch first for iOS and Android this fall, followed by Switch this winter.

This is a new version of the classic stealth game Hitman: Blood Money for new platforms, complete with a set of enhancements that provide powerful new features such as Instinct Mode, an ever-present minimap map, and a wide range of gameplay improvements inspired by later games in the series.

Reprisal’s twelve sandbox missions offer endless opportunities for experimentation and many different paths to success. From the exquisite setting of the Paris Opera House to the bustling streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, how Agent 47 accomplishes his mission is up to the player. Whether it’s a public execution, a quiet murder without witnesses, or an “accident,” the player always has a rich arsenal of tools, weapons, disguises, and blunt objects at his disposal to help make the decision.