Startup Grilla, a gaming tournament platform, has raised $3 million in funding. Tusk Venture was topped the list of investors. The beta-testing phase has also ended, the company is ready to move into full operation.

A side note: Scenario has raised more than $6 million in investment

According to the creators, around 20,000 new users were registered during the beta test. In addition, the site has hosted as many as 1,000 tournaments: due to the demand, the developers will add a number of new features for users as early as this spring. According to the developers’ assurances, advanced tournament spreadsheets as well as free bets for real money with friends or other users of the platform will be available thanks to the extended functionality.

As someone, who has always enjoyed competing with friends, playing video games, billiards or playing golf, it never made sense to me that there was no place to organise competitions. Grilla was based on the principle that you don’t need to be a professional to compete and compete in tournaments.

Evan Kaylin, CEO of Grilla

About Grilla

Grilla is a platform based in Miami, where users can easily create, manage and compete in any type of tournament. Players can compete in more than 100 video games on mobile devices, PC, Xbox, VR and more. It was based on the idea that you don’t need to be a professional gamer to compete. Most of the platform’s competitors can’t reach their maximum potential in the current landscape.

Example of the standings as of 23 January

It’s a versatile platform where anyone can easily create competitions, collect entry fees, manage brackets and pay out prize money, doing it all exclusively online. With a built-in wallet and proprietary features such as peer-to-peer betting in tournaments, Grilla unlocks the true earning potential of skill-based gaming for all.