Windows PC owners will play popular Android games such as Mobile Legends, Summoners War, State of Survival, Three Kingdoms Tactics, etc. There are now 25 games available in the library. Google Play Games beta is only available in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Google Play Games will also include Play Points, which can be earned by playing Android games on PC.

Google says the service will launch in at least a few more regions during 2022, but the company did not specify which ones.

Players can easily browse, download, and play favourite mobile games on their PCs, taking advantage of larger screens, mouse, and keyboards. Your progress or achievements will no longer get lost when you switch between devices; it syncs with your Google Play Games profile!

Arjun Dayal, Google Play Games Product Manager

Google has also launched a subsite with information on game development for the service. The app doesn’t use the Android virtualisation subsystem with Windows 11.

The minimum system requirements for Google Play Games are:

To recap, Google has announced plans to release Google Play Games on PC in December 2021. The company itself estimates that the PC version release will allow Google Play Games to reach an MAU of 2.5 billion people.