The performance marketing agency AdQuantum has teamed up with the ad intelligence platform SocialPeta to create a joint Global report on app marketing for H1 2022 — The state of mobile game and app markets. This study reviews how the industry has changed and what marketing and product teams should expect in the future.

Here is a sneak peek at what you will learn from this report:

  • How the number of mobile advertisers worldwide has changed and why
  • Which ad campaign optimizations worked the best throughout H1 2022
  • What the top-performing user acquisition strategies are for ad networks and paid social traffic sources

As a nice bonus, you get insights from the most prominent industry experts on the current state of mobile advertising, the main trends, and what to expect in the future.

Side note: Report from SocialPeta and GameIS. Live-action advertising creatives with high CG quality contribute to the success of Israeli game companies.

Dive into this study to get insights and adjust your product’s marketing strategy!