360 tokens from the collection have been distributed to Gismart employees at random. The event commemorated the recent achievement of 1 billion downloads. The collection was named BillionPeeps and hosted on the OpenSea platform.

Going forward, every new employee to the company will get one NFT from the collection as part of the benefits. The range comprises a total of 10,000 exclusive NFTs.

The price of the cheapest token is 1.5 ETH ($4.28 thousand), the most expensive is 99999 ETH ($285.9 million), but so far, it can only be bought for $4.24.

The company plans to introduce BillionPeeps in its new NFT game, scheduled for 2023.

NFT owners will participate in in-game events and get early access to valuable in-game items. In addition, all owners of the collection will participate in an annual raffle and other exclusive events that will be available to owners of the collection.

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