Gala Games has announced the addition of turn-based RPG, Eternal Paradox, into its gaming ecosystem after an extensive voting process. The upcoming game won by an impressive margin, with more than 98% of the voters approving its inclusion into the ecosystem. Since then, fans have been waiting to learn more about the 4X RPG. This article will reveal details, take a closer look at how each season works, and the perks of holding land NFTs in the game.

A little intro first – 4X stands for Explore, Exploit, Expand, and Exterminate. Combined with RPG-style turn-based combat, players only have one goal in Eternal Paradox – to battle for the Rings of Ruin every 63 days

When the 63-day season begins, players will first gather resources to build, upgrade, and craft in Eternal Paradox. They can form alliances and battle against enemies when they’re ready using their NFT Mercenaries. Players will move closer to occupying the Rings of Ruin as they collect more resources and level up their in-game characters. 

At the end of the season, those who managed to occupy the Rings of Ruin will earn rewards in the form of EPX tokens. Though it will be easier for NFT owners to earn daily and seasonal rewards, NDream claims that there are ways for non-NFT players to earn as well. For instance, free players can borrow NFTs from other players to join the game.

Perks of holding land NFTs

Land NFTs come in 6 rarities according to plot size as below: 

  • Common: 6×6 (36 squares)
  • Uncommon: 8×8 (64 squares)
  • Rare: 10×10 (100 squares)
  • Epic: 14×14 (196 squares)
  • Legendary: 18×18 (324 squares)
  • Ancient: 24×24 (576 squares)

As for the perks, NDream claims that landowners can always choose a Buff for themselves in the game. For instance, increased resource collection, increased Hero Stats, and more. However, the choices of Buff depend on the rarity of the land. Other than that, landowners will also receive a share of Silver tokens and extra field resources from those who are playing on their lands.

Elysium Land Deeds are still up for grabs in the Gala Games Store. Once you obtain your scroll, you can exchange it for a land NFT on the map of Eternal Paradox through the Gala Games platform. 

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