In the 2023 funding round, Gamecity Hamburg invests in six gaming projects for a total of €410,000 in game prototype funding.

A side note: Nordcurrent has reported revenue growth 42%

Investments in companies based in Hamburg will enable the development of digital game prototypes with high market potential.

The applications submitted show the positive effect of our further funding programmes and professionalisation proposals. In addition to newly established companies, there are also professional studios among the recipients of funding. This demonstrates once again the versatility and potential of Hamburg as a game creation location.

Dennis Schauby, CEO of Gamecity Hamburg
Gamecity Hamburg invests

Six games from different studios received investment:

  • METACORE by Amberdive Interactive – €80,000
  • Project Renaissance by Tiny Roar – €80,000
  • Reddie – ReRun of Reality by Curvature Games – €80,000
  • Light of Atlantis by DrownTown – € 70,000
  • Stack ‘Em Up by Godcomplex Games – € 70,000
  • How to Make Friends by Beardshaker – € 30,000

Including the fifth round of funding, Gamecity Hamburg supported the development of 27 prototypes to the tune of €1.5 million.