Crucial Hyper-Casual Prototyping Tips According to CrazyLabs’ Head of Publishing

Prototyping is a game’s foundation. It’s particularly critical in the development stage as it is how to validate your game’s potential before testing marketability....


App Radar integrates AI to simplify advertising processes


The App Radar integrates OpenAI tools into its workflow to make it easier to analyse user feedback, as well as to better understand player sentiment. A side note:...


The Play and Own model: ways of interaction

The Play and Own model is already becoming a revolutionary solution in game development. It brings a lot of new solutions for creating and monetising projects,...


Mobile games metrics

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Creating music for the game: a guide from Kwalee

Regardless of where, by whom, or how a game was created for any platform, it will always have a soundtrack. There is not a single game in modern game-development...


Playable Ads – the most profitable advertising format in 2023


According to Liftoff’s data, playable ads is the most profitable advertising format of mobile games available, based on CPI. A side note: Where mobile games...


Ironsourse’s guide to improving in-game purchase rates


Diversifying your in-app monetisation strategy is becoming a major challenge for mobile game developers. To avoid lucrative gaps, we suggest you read Ironsourse’s...


Game Developers: Now is the Time to Reexamine Your Revenue Models


With the App-ocalypse still fresh in our memories, we’re all feeling a little worn out from the mad scramble. But changes keep coming at us at a rapid rate...


Supercell Studios and its understanding of the future

Supercell Studios, a Finnish game developer, has released a huge number of interesting games since its launch in 2010. Clash Royale, Clash of Clans or Hay Day...


The Web3 space and how to interact with it

The Web3 space is like an industrial revolution these days: it fundamentally changes the possibilities available, opening up new horizons for development and...


In-game advertising in 2023: Anzu’s guide


Technology and games have evolved rapidly in recent years. To stay afloat, developer studios need to diversify their revenue streams. Anzu’s guide will...


Post-release problems of mobile games in 2023

Mobile game developers try to carefully craft their product and look forward to the day for a successful launch. However, the post-release problems of mobile...


Mastercard and Xsolla team up to improve in-game payments


Mastercard and Xsolla start a partnership to improve the in-game payment system. A side note: Xsolla partners with Adikteev to accelerate game monetization Among...


Meta lost $13.7 billion on Reality Labs


Meta lost $13.7 billion on Reality Labs, the financial results for 2022 show. By the way, the situation was slightly better in 2021, with losses of just over...


Game Development in Poland: A Thriving Industry with Growing Potential in 2023

Game development in Poland is gaining more and more potential. In recent years, Poland has become a center for game development, with a thriving industry that...


5 secrets from Sunday of mastering hyper-casual games

Sunday has shared 5 tips, tricks, and little bits of practical wisdom for aspiring hyper-casual game developers. Experts from the game development division have...


Where mobile games will be promoted in 2023?


Mobile games are constantly and rapidly evolving. The Covid-19 era, global crises, and the growing popularity of remote work have led to mobile games having an...


Unity and Google expand partnership

Unity and Google expand partnership to help creators accelerate the development and growth of their games I’m excited to announce today that we are renewing...


Kinetix updates AI-enabled motion capture technology

Startup Kinetix has updated its virtual motion capture technology with the support of artificial intelligence. This should make creating and rendering 3D content...


CoreWeave acquires Conductor Technologies

CoreWeave has acquired Conductor Technologies to serve companies with cloud-based graphics technologies. CoreWeave said the deal will give the entertainment industry...