Unity Muse and Unity Sentis

Unity announcing two new AI products: Unity Muse, an expansive platform for AI-driven assistance during creation, and Unity Sentis, which allows you...


The best free tools for narrative games

GameDeveloper has selected the best free tools for narrative games. All the tools on this list are free, and most are great for aspiring developers or narrative...


What are mini games: an analysis by Kwalee

Mini-games are a breath of fresh air, providing a way to avoid drowning in the core gameplay of many games. They captivate players, give them a chance to relax...


How to Create an Engaging Game World: Guide by HitBerry Games

Creating a well-designed and engaging game world is one of the key tasks in game design. It’s extremely difficult to create a game world that fully fits...


Transformation of mobile hyper-casual games into a hybrid-casual

The transformation of mobile hyper-casual games into a hybrid-casual genre is already much debated, even though some developers are already actively testing the...


Unlock the Insights of gaming with Homa Mag

Homa is launching its own magazine, Homa Mag, which will be devoted entirely to game development and gaming. The mobile gaming industry constantly evolves, and...


Supercell launches Creator Academy

Supercell launches Creator Academy, a place where creators can learn best practices and take their skills to the next level for absolutely free. A side note:...


GameRefinery analysis: best time to request permission from users for ATT


Apple recently introduced App Tracking Transparency, leading many developers to wonder when push notifications would be most effective. GameRefinery analysis...


How to deal with slow promotion of your mobile game

The situation in the mobile market changes from year to year. In the past, all you had to do was create an app and watch players take an interest in it themselves,...


About monetisation strategies in mobile games


It is impossible to imagine modern gamedev without monetising certain games. Thanks to the fierce competition on the market, developers and marketers are creating...


5 ways of using AI in mobile game development

The use of AI in mobile game development is becoming increasingly popular, with many tools being created, while developers are increasingly experimenting with...


Remarketing in the privacy era


Is rich user segmentation still important in 2023? How can marketers improve it using AI? What is remarketing in the privacy era generally? Appsflyer will help...


Audiomob partners with Digital Media Service to expand into MENA


Audiomob partners with Digital Media Service, which aims to leverage the expertise and capabilities of both companies to expand its influence in the MENA market....


About monetisation in free-to-play mobile games


The market for mobile gaming is growing and developing relentlessly, and in the next few years it will be even more competitive for PC and consoles. It has a...


How to prepare your game for investors and publishers

Finding the right publisher or investor is very important for independent game developers. Investors and publishers can provide the connections and expertise...


Entravision acquired BCNMonetize


Entravision acquired BCNMonetize, a global mobile app marketing company headquartered in Barcelona. A side note: Xsolla and YouAppi partners to support game developers...


Xsolla and YouAppi partners to support game developers


Xsolla and YouAppi are launching a full partnership that will address the specific needs of the gaming market by offering retargeting campaigns that help developers...


Speed up your prototyping: 6 game design tools by Supersonic

Speeding up your prototyping phase is the key to getting your game up and running before someone else creates a similar game. This will help to solve all problems...


Why we’re excited about AI at Unity

We believe that the world is a better place with more creators in it. Many companies have been working both internally and with partners for years to explore...


User acquisition as a new frontier in game development

Mobile F2P is still alive – and nothing will change that. The mobile gaming market has changed dramatically, and to stay on top of it, you have to resort...