Venturebeat reports that Futureverse has announced a merger of eight Web3 companies to create an open metaverse ecosystem. The goal is to create a single collaborative ecosystem to enhance the Web3 and open metaverse experience.

Futureverse is the culmination of five years of strategy, research and development to build the foundation for an open and scalable metaverse infrastructure with world-class content and a highly engaged community.

Aaron McDonald, co-founder of Futureverse

Today, the company employs 300 people in 16 countries. In addition to McDonald and Senderoff, co-founders include technologist Marco Brondani and CFO Daniel Gillespie.

Side note: Animoca Brands has created an investment fund.

For the metaverse to become a reality, infrastructure is critical. Futureverse has four main tools: identification, artificial intelligence, communication and payments, vertically integrated through The Root Network, a decentralized blockchain network optimized for user experience.

The company creates a layer of user-generated content with a narrative at its core. The platform combines these core elements necessary to develop an open metaverse to improve the user experience and accelerate Web3 adoption.

Now the company will get its time in the sun. And if you’re trying to do something similar to what we’re doing, don’t pull the marketing or customer engagement lever until the infrastructure is in place.

Aaron McDonald, co-founder of Futureverse

Futureverse includes the following companies:

  1. Altered State Machine, the leading AI protocol for the meta-universe, game characters and content;
  2. Non-Fungible Labs, a creative and engineering studio, developer of ecosystem avatars and world environments;
  3. Sylo, developer of the Sylo protocol, decentralized communications for the meta-universe based on The Seekers’ gamified node infrastructure;
  4. Centrapay, SDK for digital asset payments;
  5. Centrapass, developer of a decentralized digital identity SDK protocol and a decentralized asset storage protocol;
  6. Immersive, a payment protocol and product that connects web3 and metaverse infrastructure to Mastercard’s network;
  7. Shadows Interactive, a Los Angeles-based animation studio and creator of the Party Bear collection;
  8. Altered Phoenix, a game studio with development experience. Spans a variety of genres and platforms.

In addition to the technology infrastructure, this merger positions Futureverse as the leading ecosystem in total NFT and NFT transactions.