Niko Partners partnered with AppMagic to create “Five Key Mobile Game Genres in Asia and MENA”​ – a free bulletin that covers five important mobile game genres in the Asia & MENA regions. Let’s check that more.

The focus of this bulletin is on 5 key mobile game genres: RPG, Strategy, MOBA, Puzzle and Battle Royale, which cumulatively accounted for nearly 80% of mobile game spend in the Asia & MENA region during 2022.

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Analyses were conducted on 5 indicators:

  • Monetization Score. This aims to measure how well a particular genre is able to monetize.
  • Engagement Score. This aims to measure how active and loyal players of the genre are.
  • Esports Score. This aims to measure how much esports appeals to players of the genre.
  • Appeal Score. This aims to measure how likely the genre is to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Genre Score. An average score of the four metrics above, measuring an approximate value of how each genre performs across the four areas.
Five Key Mobile Game Genres in Asia and MENA

In summary, which genres are the undisputed leaders? RPG is the #1 genre based on overall genre score, ranking highly across the four different metrics. RPG has the highest score for monetization, engagement, and appeal, with it having the second lowest score for esports.

RPG is the largest genre by revenue in Asia & MENA with total spend in 2022 more than 50% higher than combined spend from the other four genres covered in this bulletin.

The strategy, puzzle and MOBA genres still have their merits despite not ranking #1 by any of the metrics. Players of strategy games are the least likely to be dissatisfied with the games they are playing and are the most likely to try a new game in the same genre.

The puzzle genre is the largest by downloads of the genres covered in this bulletin, but has the lowest revenue per download.

Five Key Mobile Game Genres
in Asia and MENA

Puzzle has a high engagement score, primarily driven by a high number of total downloads and downloads per gamer. However, puzzle gamers are the least engaged in terms of hours played with an average of 3.9 hours played per week.

The Battle Royale genre has seen tremendous growth on mobile since 2018 and has established itself as a core genre.

Battle Royale is a leading genre for mobile esports. Players are the most likely to stream esports tournaments online, watching an average of 2.5 hours of esports content per week.

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