By 2021, the global mobile games market had overtaken the console and PC markets, with this industry alone generating $93.2 billion in revenue. In comparison, even when it breaks records, the movie industry brings in “only” $42.5 billion.

However, these figures should not obscure the reality that even though hundreds, if not thousands, of new games are released on the App Stores every day, the majority struggle to survive. Even fewer become “hit games”, i.e. massively downloaded games.

In this context, a French start-up is breaking the rules: in just 3 years, by combining expertise and high-tech tools, TapNation has become one of the leading publishers of hyper-casual games. The company works closely with more than 80 partner studios around the world and already has 19 hit games.

The latest, Figurine Art, was launched on the market in May. Its distinctive feature is that it was produced entirely in-house, from the brand new TapNation Labs studio.

Created from scratch by the team, this mobile game is already one of the world’s top 2 most downloaded games with 5 million downloads!

Figurine Art is the result of the experience and expertise of our team! It also emphasises one of our core values: creativity, which enables us to write our own success stories.

Hervé Montoute, CEO of TapNation

Figurine Art: the new hit interactive game

Figurine Art is a particularly addictive and interactive game. The concept is simple: players become creators of miniature models. They can assemble them, paint them with their own custom designs, pose with them and run their own shop.

It is already available for download on both App Stores, like the rest of the TapNation catalogue.

It was an immediate success: Figurine Art has been downloaded more than 5 million times, and is getting excellent ratings (4.8/5 in the App Store and 4.2/5 on Google Play). In just a few days, this new mobile game reached the world’s Top #2.

A real plaudit for TapNation, as this is its first ever 100% in-house creation, thanks to its new TapNation Labs studio.

We started 3 years ago, and with so many successful games already, we wanted to take on a new challenge and we are very proud of this great achievement.

Hervé Montoute, CEO of TapNation

Projects galore thanks to TapNation Labs… but that’s not it!

The creation of TapNation Labs will lead to new creative adventures, with the launch of new games in the coming months. At the same time, TapNation will continue to work with its partners, who are all
talented studios, to publish dozens of future hit games. The start-up is also looking to meet new partners, to further enrich its catalogue.

To meet these goals, TapNation plans to recruit more staff. The start-up will also venture into new types of games. It follows market developments closely and keeps an eye on the latest trends, especially in blockchain and Web-3.

Top 7 most downloaded TapNation games

  • IceCream Inc: +166M
  • Giant Rush: +139M
  • Guess Their Answer: +30M
  • Sneaker Art!: +29M
  • Color Water Sort 3D:+24M
  • Web Master: +17M
  • Tippy Toe: +14M

About TapNation, the tech start-up reinventing mobile gaming

We have already released a number of hit games and generated 500M+ downloads. Our main aim is to become a key player in an exponentially growing market.

Hervé Montoute, CEO of TapNation

Founded in 2019 by Hervé Montoute & Igor Zabukovec, TapNation is a Tech start-up specialising in Hyper Casual mobile game development based in Paris.

It works closely with over 80 studios around the world, offering them:

Original ideas with high potential. TapNation’s strength is that it has both a creative AND technological approach. All our partner studios benefit from game concepts that have already been tested and proven in-house. This greatly increases the chances of success later on.

State-of-the-art data tools to test and launch their games on the market. For example, a comprehensive platform enables studios to autonomously and transparently analyse data from their games, but also enables better understanding of user behaviour. This allows them to make the right decisions to improve the performance of their games.

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