On July 30, the Japanese mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order turned 8 years old. With a slight delay, Sensor Tower analysts shared statistics on the game. The game was developed TypeMoon, Lasengle, Delightwork and published by Aniplex, Aniplex of America, and Komoe.

Analysts estimate that by mid-August 2023, Fate/Grand Order earned $7 billion. 81.1% of the game’s revenue was collected in its home country. Other significant markets for the game were China (8.1%) and the United States (5.8%).

On its birthday, the game hit the top spot of the highest-grossing games in the Japanese App Store. The game held on to the top ten until August 15. In addition, between July 30 and August 15, Fate was the fastest-growing mobile game in Japan in terms of revenue. The project earned an estimated $40 million in two weeks. By comparison, the second fastest-growing game was One Piece Treasure Cruise, with $13 million.

More than half of Fate/Grand Order’s audience is young people. Players aged 25-34 account for 38% of the audience, while players aged 18-24 account for 29%.

The analysts wrote that Fate/Grand Order has a high audience engagement. They estimated that 5% of Fate/Grand Order users spend more than 10 hours weekly on the game. Another 24% of people spend at least an hour weekly on the game.