After the release of Fall Guys in 2020, the number of players decreased, which is natural for most online games. At the end of June 2022, the game underwent a change. Mediatonic re-released the product as free-to-play and Fall Guys experienced a massive comeback, with player numbers continuing to grow.

On the official twitter account, the developers report reaching 50 million players in two weeks. And in the first 48 hours, 20 million players visited the game.

The number of gamers has grown thanks to a new monetization model — the game switched to a free battle pass model on June 21, two years after its initial release.

The game can now not be purchased on Steam. Fall Guys has moved to the Epic Games Launcher, which paves the way for new users. Players also still have the opportunity to pay for season passes and other colorful cosmetic items.

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