ROCKFISH Games has released the space shooter Everspace 2 after a year of early access. To date, the Steam version of the game has sold 300,000 copies and brought the developers more than $8 million in revenue. Simon Carless shared the success at GameDiscover.

The game’s peak online on Steam came close to the 10,000-person mark (according to SteamDB, it was 9,760 people). That’s seven times more than the first part. In mid-April, the Steam version of Everspace 2 was played daily by 24.5 thousand active users.

Everspace 2

The starting circulation of the game was twice as much as that of the first Everspace, and the revenues of the sequel were 3.5 times higher.

The game was released on Steam, GOG, and PC Game Pass. This summer, the shooter will also be released on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

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