Initially, Enjin didn’t have a set of tools, and they couldn’t integrate their apps using the Unreal Engine platform. However, they can now use their own tech tools without becoming blockchain experts. Enjin has successfully released Unreal Engine SDK (Software Development Kit), allowing developers to incorporate the Enjin API.

Some software development companies like Steam, Unity, and Itch have restricted NFT integration on their platforms. However, the move has caused criticism from users and fans, especially on Twitter, because the companies solely made the decision without input from the community. Nonetheless, Unreal Engine is not backing out and is currently at the forefront of Web3-based games and projects.

Utilities of the SDK

Enjin SDK

The Unreal SDK will continue to be developed based on feedback from the community and game devs integrating Enjin Platform into their game. The development process is greatly accelerated with these features and functions to interact with the Enjin Platform and Enjin Cloud. In addition, cloud events help you access all GraphQL queries and mutations through the platform’s offered APIs.

Enjin is a software development company based in Tokyo and was created in 2009 as a software gaming platform. It allows creators to use, manage and store virtual assets on the Ethereum network using the platform. Developers can create digital arts, sport NFTs, music-themed NFTs, and tokenize physical products such as rare paintings. Enjin boasts 2.3 million wallet installs and 10.3 million ENJ market volume with 1.2 billion created assets.

Side note: GameSwift partners with Polygon to build a Web3-gaming ecosystem.