Zynga Inc., a global leader in interactive entertainment, and Forte, a developer of blockchain solutions for game publishers, have announced a strategic alliance to promote and realize opportunities in the blockchain game market.

Today, the games industry is the most significant form of entertainment worldwide. It has 3 billion players and generates more than $180 billion in annual revenue. Zynga and Forte believe that the development of blockchain technology and non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) creates new economic and creative opportunities for game developers, partners, and players.

Our goal is to take Web 3 and blockchain gaming to the next level of quality and provide a secure and reliable ecosystem that will entertain our valued players for years to come. We are pleased to partner with Forte because of the team’s long-term vision and approach to blockchain solutions and Web 3 development.

Matt Wolf, Zynga’s VP of Blockchain Gaming

Forte co-founder and CEO Josh Williams added:

We are proud to partner with Zynga as we look to develop the blockchain gaming ecosystem. This will attract and benefit players and provide them with more economic opportunities.

Josh Williams, co-founder and CEO of Forte