Yin Yang Games is a Turkish NFT GameFi Studio. They develop games with corporate brands’ mascots, icons, etc., and create a unique experience for their customers. Recently they announced that the company had received an investment of $1 million from their investment tour led by Mustafa Akçay, Chairman of the Gelişim Group and Vedat Yavuz, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors; including Özkan Öz and Bariş Türkmen.

Yin Yang Games

Founded by İlker Onur Kaya, Alperen Kırcanoğulları, Ali Anıl Esmer and Yiğit Karatokuş in January 2021, Yin Yang Games is a game studio that develops games and blockchain products and services and maintains a balance philosophy:

The best we know is to find balance and stay in balance.

Yin Yang Games will use the investment to finance its NFT card game ‘Card Game Reincarnation’ and aims to begin developing new products and services for various sectors.

İlker Onur Kaya, co-founder and CEO of Yin Yang Games, made a statement about the investment:

I think blockchain technology has a significant impact on the gaming world and many other areas. Collaboration with Gelişim Group will be an essential step for developing technological solutions in different sectors. We want to create gaming projects that will be heard worldwide. With this investment, we will complete Reincarnation, one of our most important projects to date, and at the same time continue our work on developing new products and services.

The 21-member Ying Yang Games team, which develops projects in the field of GameFi, wants to gain a stable place in the international market with projects made by Turkish developers.

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