Turkish mobile game developer Yamy Studio has received a $4 million investment valuation from UK-based UP Venture Capital.

We laid the foundation for our studio in 2020 with my partners Yunus Alkan and Mikdat Dogru, and this investment from London-based UP Venture Capital raised the company’s value to more than $4 million. Mobile game development marks a watershed moment for the video game industry. As Yamy Studio, we will continue to operate with the vision of becoming one of the leading companies in the mobile games industry. With this investment, we have proven our potential by adding a new success story to our country’s gaming industry.

Ahmet Ferhat Akben, CEO at Yamy Studio

A side note: Games United received a valuation of $60 million

Istanbul-based game studio Yamy has authored 120 mobile games to date, the most popular of which are the hyper-casual Hoop 4, which reached one million downloads in 2021, and Parents Run, which saw the game studio end 2022 with two million downloads across all platforms.

Parents Run is the most popular game of the company

It is safe to say that Turkish gaming start-ups are becoming increasingly popular in the mobile gaming industry and among global investors. Gaming companies have made a swift start to 2023 and will soon be delighting us with news on mobile game development innovations, as well as developments in the current products and advances in the hyper-casual genre.

Yamy Studio