Xsolla has partnered with software and services provider Adikteev. The new service will help mobile game developers bring their products online and sell directly to consumers.

The new partnership aims to simplify the promotion and monetization of partner games. The company recently revamped its web store to allow developers to save on publishing fees and sell games to users outside of the app store.

Adikteev is happy to team up with a leader in game app monetization. The platform already offers solutions, which it has already aimed directly at the consumer.

Xavier Mariani, CEO of Adikteev

Last week the company introduced two new tools, Xsolla Accelerator and Xsolla Payout. The innovations are designed for aspiring developers and will help them understand the business in more detail and manage app growth and marketing more efficiently.

By working with Adicteev, a performance marketing and retargeting leader, the company will help mobile game publishers maximize LTV by retargeting them to buy special offers in the mobile game web store.

Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla