Wooga has been part of the Playtika family of brands since 2018. Today, the studio is celebrating the $500 million revenue from June’s Journey game. The company announced this on its official Linkedin profile.

Side note: Playtika’s success in casual games.

June’s Journey was released in 2017, and today the game is the highest-grossing in the puzzle game genre with an item search.

After reaching the $500 million milestone, the Berlin-based mobile game developer aims for future success with other games and a larger team. The company has hired 62 new employees this year alone and expanded its staff to 300.

Wooga’s international success

Four years ago, the company was one of the first game studios to focus on story-driven casual games, and it has since been proud to be an industry leader in that category thanks to the success of June’s Journey.

Nai Chang, managing director of Wooga Games

Given today’s success, the company plans to scale the team further to support games and expand the portfolio in the future.