Many people grew up playing the best simulation games like The Sims or RollerCoaster Tycoon, so it’s not hard to guess why hyper-casual developers have implemented their own take on the genre.

But what is a hyper-casual simulator? What is the inspiration, and how do you keep the player’s attention? We’ll figure it out, thanks to an article from Kwalee, who have created successful simulators.


Let’s just call them “hypersims”. Hypersims are similar to traditional simulator games but more accessible. Their goal is to put you in the shoes of a character who does what you like. It can be a simulator of everyday tasks or even your imaginary fantasies.

Ever wanted to feel like a superhero? To drive an airship, a truck? Even cleaning a restaurant can be fun, right? Maybe you wanted to desecrate the city? 😈

Teacher Simulator

The hypersim-game takes on the main aspects of any activity, or instead, those parts that are truly fun. Further, hypersim creates an exciting gaming experience around it without overloading you with unnecessary things and gives you control over them. Sometimes this experience is accompanied by the creative freedom of action, creatively or emotionally.

There is pleasure in every kind of our activity. Imagine a game about whipping milkshakes or making sweet buns – good hypersim will make these activities fun by focusing your attention on the enjoyable moments. ASMR sound, watching an ice cube melt, turning fruit into juice, slicing jelly, etc.

In short, hypersim is the compression of complex real-world tasks into simple, accessible interactions. But crucially, a successful hypersim effortlessly balances this by ensuring that simplicity does not compromise the player’s satisfaction.

Hypersimulation of success

Hypersim attracts many players, whether or not they like this particular topic. Makeover Studio 3D or Bake It are great examples of hypersims that offer a pleasant interaction. The game doesn’t care whether you are a baker, a talented makeup artist, or a beginner in both; its main task is to give you a fun experience.

Bake It focuses on the physical side of the game; shape your cake, paint the frosting, put in your favourite topping and bake it! Combined with intuitive controls, the creative freedom provided by the gameplay gives the player a sense of pride in their abilities. The downside is also essential: the player can make a mess, do something wrong, and go beyond what he “should” do.

In Blade Forge 3D, you can really feel like a blacksmith; pour molten metal, add bends, immerse the sword in a bucket of water and watch the water boil.

Visual feedback and smart camera controls are the keys to communicating the simulation. Every moment gives players a sense of control throughout the entire process, whether smelting iron, baking cakes, or painting a character’s eyelashes.