WePlay Ventures has announced an agreement with Saran Digital Studios, a subsidiary of the larger Saran Group technology company. What is known at the moment is a localisation contract for the game studios, in which WePlay has actively invested throughout 2022. The company announced this on its official LinkedIn account.

Saran Digital Group is already an established representative of audio services for the film industry, but it has yet to make a name for itself in the games market. However, with the support of advanced partner WePlay Ventures in the field, the company stands a good chance of gaining success and a few more partners in the video game services territory.

As SDS, we offer dubbing, subtitling, translation and technical services for many important global and domestic brands. Through this partnership with WePlay Ventures we are delighted to expand our portfolio and enter the gaming industry for the first time

Burcu Şenbakar Doyum, Director of Saran Digital Studios

WePlay Ventures is a leader in gaming investment in Turkey

Sarah Digital will definitely benefit from the partnership with this studio, because WePlay is a well-known and strong team in the gaming industry: the company has 15 startups and about 450 games in its portfolio, which were valued at a total of $131 million. And in 2023, the company plans to expand to 40 investments and open new offices in 13 countries around the world.

WePlay Ventures

A side note: WePlay Ventures announced plans for 2023

In any case, through the partnership with Sarah Digital Group, the company wants to expand its possibilities in the field of voice-over and localization of its new projects in order to bring them to a global standard in this area.

It is therefore safe to say that this cooperation will definitely be mutually beneficial for both companies and will bring its first fruits as early as this year.