The curiosity women have developed in the gaming sector is remarkable. This, along with the huge advances the GameFi business predicts, is a key reason why various Web3 video games are being developed specifically for female customers.

A recent report by Entertainment Software Association found that 48% of US gamers identify as female. It is also known that almost half of all gamers on this planet are women.

Beryl Chavez Li, a Vogue League Advisory Board member and the co-founder of Yield Guild Games, believes that blockchain-based video games like Axie Infinity are seeing an uptick in female gamers. Although statistics show that play-to-earn games attract more male customers, we expect more girls to become curious.

Chavez Li also noted that many Web3 games focus on first-person and third-person shooter games that lack creativity. She is known for Vogue League encouraging people to create digital gadgets that can eventually evolve into salable NFTs.

We enable the Creator’s economic system through a fun sport. The more customers play, the more factors they earn. Also, allowing players to compete and cooperate with each other on occasions like fads, includes a level of sports socialization.

Beryl Chavez Li

Various Web3 video games are being realized to appeal to a predominantly female audience. For example, Vogue League is a free, gamified mobile sport that allows customers to build their own fashion empires. Theresia Le Battistini, CEO and founding father of Vogue League, advised Cointelegraph that esports allow customers to create digital clothing tracks that would ultimately be purchased as NFTs, while manufacturers could use esports to create digital goods shows.

We imagine that all parts will be gamified sooner or later since our statistics have shown that the gaming market will exceed $300 billion by 2027. Web3 video games must be inclusive.

Theresia Le Battistini

To encourage women’s participation, Le Battistini defined that Vogue League offers certain options that are naturally interesting for girls.

The game’s aesthetics is necessary, along with the fact that it will be accessible on cell units first. Women want to play video games on mobile because there is a low barrier to entry.

Theresia Le Battistini

Recent stats show that 62% of people set up a game on their phone weekly. Additionally, these results indicate that the current gender cut in mobile games is 51% for women and 49% for men. In terms of aesthetics, a report by The Feminine Quotient found that it is a key issue in attracting girls to the Web3.

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