Kick start 2022 ahead of the game with Voodoo brand new guidelines, product expertise, and case studies – all designed to help you make this season’s next hits.

Last week Voodoo launched Winter Game Competition with brand new guidelines to kick start the year:

Over the past few years, Voodoo discovered that Game Competitions are not just a way to provide industry-leading payouts to help your studio level up, but also to channel all the latest insights, trends, and key learnings in the right place, at the right time.

Following the success of Fall Game Competition, with five secondary prizes confirmed and three games in soft launch (more info to come soon), Voodoo organising a Winter Game Competition on a new theme, this time an ideation technique!

Get the latest insights on mechanics, the hyper-casual market, and successful case studies from our Publishing and Product teams – all designed to help you make this season’s hits.

Timeline 📆

  • December 16th 2021: Competition Kick-Off
  • February 20th 2022: Submissions Deadline
  • Q2 2022: Winners announced 🏆

Theme 🎨

The theme for Winter competition is based on one of our refined Ideation techniques: Merging Gameplays.

We take you through this ideation technique from A-Z, providing support and extra live streams throughout the two months that you have to ideate and prototype.

Check out the full guidelines here.

Prizes 💸

  • 🥇$1 million for Hit games
  • 🥈$200,000 for published and confirmed games
  • 🥉$10,000 for hot prototypes with hot metrics
  • 📨 $100,000 Refer a studio and pick up $100,000 if they win a main prize
  • 🆕 🎉 Win a 5-day trip to Paris for your studio to meet and work with the Voodoo teams in our HQ

Find out more in the full terms & conditions here.

Interested? Sign up right here: