Voodoo is opening a hyper-casual game studio in Turkey. The studio will leverage Voodoo’s deep global expertise and support the development of a strong Turkish mobile gaming ecosystem.

Voodoo, one of the world’s leading mobile game publishers, has opened a hyper-casual gaming studio named Reptom in Turkey. The studio is designed to be an innovation hub to produce hyper-casual titles and will support the development of a strong mobile gaming ecosystem in the country.

The creation of a new hyper-casual studio marks an important new milestone in Voodoo’s presence in Turkey. In 2020, the publisher invested in Fabrika Games, the hyper-casual studio behind Draw Car 3D, based in Istanbul. The publisher has also opened an office in Istanbul consisting of Publishing Managers to support Turkish teams directly with localised coaching sessions and events.

The creation of this new studio, Reptom, is a further step towards solidifying its presence in the Turkish gaming market.

The studio will leverage Voodoo’s expertise

Reptom’s goal will be to leverage Voodoo’s deep global expertise in free-to-play games to generate game-changing hyper-casual titles. Reptom will contribute to building Voodoo’s diverse ecosystem in the mobile gaming space by setting trends and developing new concepts in the industry.

On top of publishing, Voodoo has very deep knowledge in the entire gaming value chain, and we are excited to be a part of this initiative. Voodoo is committed to providing necessary resources and guidance so that we can focus on creating great games and building long-lasting success.

Murat Bilge, Studio Director and Co-founder of Reptom

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