The company wrote about it on its blog. This is a new milestone in the hyper-casual game industry. Here’s what they said about it.

We’re delighted to announce that Voodoo has now hit 6 billion downloads across our portfolio of hyper-casual, hybrid-casual, casual games and apps. Congratulations and a big thank you to all studios who have published with us for being part of this milestone.

Hitting 6 billion

Over the past few years, we’ve helped studios publish several of the world’s most downloaded games. Helix Jump, developed by h8games, has crossed the 800 million downloads mark, whilst 2, developed by Voodoo’s internal Montpellier studio and, developed by Cassette, have hit over 270 million downloads each. 

2021 was a big year for us here at Voodoo. Our partner studios lead the rise of two key hyper-casual trends: highly marketable games such as Destiny Run, Run of Life, Fat 2 Fit and Run Rich 3D, and games with high engagement potential such as City Takeover, Bounce & Collect, and Castle Raid.

One of our highlights was the latest Voodoo Live event, hosted last November in our Parisian headquarters. We were joined by star studios like Blue Monkey, Raketspel, 501, and Another Place Productions to hear about their secrets to success in ideation, prototyping, and creating hit games. Stay tuned for more events across the globe this year to learn from other top studios and share inspiration with the wider community.

How to make your first hit in 9 months, on the example of Flex Run 3D

Doubling down on hyper-casual and hybrid-casual

We’re doubling down on hyper-casual and hybrid-casual this year. With our new ideation frameworks, game competitions, and an upcoming Voodoo Academy, we’re strengthening our studio support to help partner studios make this year’s hit games.

Congratulations to the studios Stone Axe (Slap & Run), Hypnocat (Fashion Universe), and solo dev Gang Chen (Move House 3D) for their hits so far this year.

Photo from the Voodoo Live event

Entering Blockchain gaming 

In December, we announced our plans to move into the blockchain space, building the next generation of blockchain games for mobile users. We’re investing in talented and promising studios and leveraging our growth expertise to help them succeed in this segment. Find out more here.

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