Game developer and publisher Voodoo announced the acquisition of Tarboosh Games. The studios had previously worked on joint projects, so the decision to acquire was not a surprise. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Side note: The Next Hype creates hyper-casual games with the support of Voodoo.

Tarboosh Games was founded in January 2015. The studio prioritized mobile game development but, over time, has expanded into other markets: Amazon, Steam, Oculus Home, PC and Mac.

The transformation of the Tarboosh Games shows what great teams can achieve, regardless of size. Passion for the cause, the right strategic vision, and the courage to keep trying where others have failed are the hallmarks of a successful team.

Rani Hammad, Founder and CEO at Tarboosh Games

Voodoo and Tarboosh Games have collaborated before. The companies worked on hyper-casual games and then changed their vector to hybrid casual genres.

Bikes Hill by Tarboosh Games

This deal represents a new chapter in the life of Tarboosh and Voodoo. With Tarboosh’s unique experience and mindset, the company will create even more games and expand its portfolio.

Corentin Selz, Casual Studios manager at Voodoo

The companies will focus on creating hybrid casual games to give gamers an even more memorable gaming experience.