Kwalee has shared useful resources for developers. The list is taken from Chris Pett’s lecture at the Hyper Games Conference #5. Chris is a Publishing Manager at Kwalee, and he believes that sharing such info is necessary for the game industry.

Here is the list of the resources Chris has named:

Kwalee uses Sensor Tower all the time; they play many competitors’ games. Sensor Tower is the leading, trusted source of enterprise-grade market intelligence and performance metrics in the digital ecosystem. The Sensor Tower platform provides innovative digital performance and usage, trend insights, quality insights and leading customer support at every step of the mobile journey.

GD Talks and Hyper Games Conference are really important resources for learning how to progress, how and why to change what you are doing, move forward, do better, etc. Talks and lectures from industry experts are always a perfect source of knowledge.

GameRefinery is a fantastic service. Kwalle uses it all the time and strongly suggests developers use it, too. It helps you identify games that are out there that might be similar to ones you’re making or might be similar to ones you want to make and identify why they work, who are the players, how you can engage with those people, what kind of mechanics do they like, last updates and how you can apply that to something you’re going to do. 

Sharing information, in general, is vital in the industry, and it’s one of the reasons I’m doing this presentation

Chris Pett, Publishing Manager at Kwalee is a great place where many people talk about their success and how they achieved it. It’s not so commonly used for mobile, but it’s coming. The site has a significant and qualified global audience, with over 130,000 registered users spanning every part of the industry, from design, development, publishing, marketing, distribution or retail all the way through to media, freelance and students.

You & Your Team (literally) – there are lovely and brilliant people, and you can learn so much from them. As well as they can learn from you. 

And there are a few other resources that are good as well. Sense.Vision is a playtesting environment where you can test your games with QA people, giving you more insight into how the game engages with your target audience. Also, PlaytestCloud. There are a lot of services out there that do quality playtests instead of quantity. You can run your own campaigns on Facebook or wherever and get some data from that. But you’re not going to be able to thumb through to the players, what they’re doing, what they love about the game, why they play it. And for you, it’s important to know your players’ opinions.

Hopefully, these resources will help you 🙂

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