VentureBeat Lab and Xsolla platforms have announced a partnership. The event will cover various gaming events, live interviews and coverage of the latest trends and ideas to help the games industry as a whole.

A side note: Mastercard and Xsolla team up to improve in-game payments

The collaboration will begin at the GDC conference, where VentureBeat members will interview Xsolla president Chris Huish, as well as Berkeley Egenes, marketing director of the Xsolla platform. In addition, three more interviews are scheduled in the second half of 2023 from company representatives about creating more profitable payment methods in games.

VentureBeat Lab and Xsolla

VB Lab presents our innovative process of working with our strategic partners at VentureBeat and GamesBeat, and we are proud to announce our partnership with game e-commerce leader Xsolla.

Gina Joseph, Executive Director of VentureBeat

In addition, Xsolla will be a strategic partner at various VentureBeat events, which will look at how the industry is moving to the next level, where flexibility and adaptability are critical to success, business models, monetisation strategies and projections for 2023.