The indie mobile game Vampire Survivors Mobile has passed the 5 million download mark, according to AppMagic. Only three months have passed since the game’s release on mobile platforms.

A side note: Dead Cells reaches 5 million downloads on mobile devices

The game generates around 17,000-25,000 installs a day (at its peak this figure exceeded 200,000), but is gradually falling due to a lack of paid marketing support.

Vampire Survivors Mobile has passed
Vampire Survivors gameplay

The device split shows that Android is ahead with 2.7 million downloads to date, while iOS devices account for 2.4 million total Vampire Survivors downloads, and the largest market by downloads is the US, which has generated almost 1 million downloads for the game.

Vampire Survivors Mobile is a port of the popular console and PC indie game of the same name. The mobile project was announced and released in December 2022.