According to an article by DigitalTalks, Turkish game developer Umuro has received an investment from Keiretsu Forum Turkiye. The investment amounted to $1.7 million. The amount will be used to develop blockchain and NFT games.

Side note: NFT games are just gaining momentum.

Umuro is known for Kart Racing Online, Umuro Racer, and Nasreddin Runner. The company is also developing games based on prominent Turkish historical figures such as Osman Gazi and Ertgrul Gazi, figures in the military and political history of the region.

The company continues to grow, reaching more than 20 million users with its games. The studio’s goal is to provide players with an enjoyable experience. The publisher will continue on its path, expanding its goals with its investment.

Umuro Game is a structure built on passion as well as a commercial business. The foundation of this initiative was born out of a desire to play and develop games. I created my first game for the PSP platform when I was 10. Today, the company has over 20 million users and we continue to grow rapidly.

Umur Burak, Founder of Umuro Game

This isn’t the biggest investment in Turkey’s burgeoning mobile games industry. Earlier this year, Cypher Games received $3.2 million to expand its team and open new offices in Berlin. This investment shows the companies’ confidence that investing in the Turkish market will pay off in the long run.

The broader technology sector could prove to be a boon to Turkey’s economy. Companies such as Google are opening doors and training students in mobile app development.