What mobile app trends await us in 2023? Having gone from the pandemic to skyrocketing company stocks, mobile app developers are now facing the next challenges in the global economy and negative trends in consumer sentiment. To help you ensure stability and profitability, Appsflyer has shared an article with insights from leading mobile marketing leaders – from companies such as AccuWeather, Miniclip, Picsart, Plarium, Liftoff, Braze and M&C Saatchi Performance.

Where is the gaming industry headed?

With the recession looming, users, strange as it may seem, are increasing discretionary spending.

During H2 of 2022, we’ve seen marketers put more emphasis on profitability, whereas ‘growth at all costs’ is no longer the dominant strategy. Despite the fact this has translated into more stringent downstream KPI targets, we don’t expect full-scale budget elimination. We’re relatively insulated from budget pullbacks, marketers generally experience when facing a recession.

Jeremy Bondy, CEO at Liftoff

For games and app marketing teams, it is really important to view recent developments in the right way, taking into account all the contributing factors. 

mobile app

Going back to basics is the best way for mobile apps or game developers to survive any economic upheaval.

What about privacy in apps?

The industry is moving relentlessly from individual marketing to the cohort level. Creating a new measurement system should be a quickly achievable goal in early 2023. As we dive deeper and deeper into this privacy landscape – led by Apple’s ATT and Google’s upcoming depreciation of cookies & Privacy Sandbox initiative — having this foundation in place will help your team see these hard times through.

The real challenge for marketers is to be able to learn, implement, and iterate quickly enough to adapt to fast-paced changes, which has proven to be a constant in our industry.

Gabi Castellan, chief marketing officer of Miniclip.

While user-level attribution is used to provide detailed information for optimization, at this moment it is a complete uncertainty and one has to settle for what is available. From a creative point of view, as with the description of the economic downturn, a common theme is also the adoption of fundamental first principles.

Leaders agree that measuring ROI is still possible, just not in the same instantaneous way as before.

Incrementality testing, geo holdouts, MMM — when executed and modeled correctly for your business — can truly help marketers assess the right media mix for their needs.

Amir Shoval, Senior Director of Product at Plarium.

Client or CX priority?

Providing an exceptional CX (customer experience) is becoming a top priority for brands looking to strengthen their existing user base and reduce churn. If you think about it, it makes perfect business sense. It costs 5-25 times more to attract a new user than it does to retain an existing one.

What’s the point of neglecting the very users you’ve spent countless amounts of money to attract? Investing in CX and increasing the retention rate of your app users, even by a small amount, can have a significant impact on your bottom line, not to mention user loyalty and brand perception.

Channel diversification to expand the flow of app users

Experts believe that the current time is more ideal than ever for a multichannel approach. This approach combines in-product and out-of-product communication, but most importantly, it allows for more downloads and purchases per user, and it keeps ratings high. With brands already spending so much time on mobile and social media, it can be difficult for them to have time to create fresh, authentic content for each communication channel, let alone break through all the chaos and really get in front of people in a meaningful way.

2022 was a year of adjustments and reckoning, and starting in 2023, we’ll see more and more marketing leaders being forced to get creative in ways that are sure to force them out of their comfort zone. But out of necessity, innovation is born. This concludes our predictions for 2023, which should bring many innovations to the app development and mobile game industry.