Tower of Fantasy from Perfect World studio may become more popular than MMO Genshin Impact. The game showed record results on its first day and topped the free game charts in 22 countries.

The game is available on mobile devices or PC on the Windows Store. The release of Tower of Fantasy was eagerly awaited even before its release: Genshin Impact players wanted to try something new.

The game conquers more gamers daily thanks to the busy world, exciting music and captivating combat mechanics. Fans of JRPGs and sci-fi genres are the target audience for Tower of Fantasy.

Another attractive game feature is character customization —players pre-customize characters like in other MMOs such as Final Fantasy XIV. However, Tower of Fantasy has implemented this feature differently: players import blanks of feelings that other gamers have made. A «‎Community Creations»‎ section was added to the lobby, where users sort presets by creation date or popularity.

Tower of Fantasy was released in China in December 2021 and had over 15 million pre-registered gamers before release.

Tower of fantasy

The excitement surrounding the game won’t die soon in the international market, but Chinese fans have already been disappointed with the game. Tower of Fantasy lacks simplified Chinese support for international release. In other parts of the world, fans have only begun to grips with the new MMO.

Tower of Fantasy was released internationally on August 11, and players believe that the new game will be the killer of Genshin Impact. The mobile multiplayer role-playing game from Perfect World got more than 4 million pre-registered users.

The game is an open-world role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi future setting. Players develop and level up characters and engage in battles against various unique enemies.

Gamers have access to servers that depend on the region. Still, with such a rush, the developers should consider the possibility that they will have to add new servers in some areas to compensate for overcrowding.

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