A Care Bears-themed Game Jam will be held on The Sandbox on September 5-25. The bear production company has been remarkably influential in the lives of millions of children since it was created in 1982. The quest of the Game Jam is to create a game experience inspired by the Care Bears Universe.


30,000 SAND will be split amongst the top entries in the following ways:

  • 1st place: 12,000 SAND;
  • 2nd place: 7,000 SAND;
  • 3rd place: 4,000 SAND;
  • 4th to 10th place: each receives 1,000 SAND.


  • The Game Jam begins on September 5th, 2022;
  • The deadline to complete and submit your entry is the September 25th 2022, at 3pm UTC;
  • Submissions gathering and voting will take place from September 26th till October 17th;
  • The results will be announced on the October 22th, 2022.
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Entry guidelines

  • Your entry must be designed in the Game Maker software;
  • Your entry can include assets you’ve created yourself;
  • Your entry must have some playability (quests, missions you name it);
  • Your entry must be unique and not a direct copy of any existing experiences (similarities are fine, but exact copies are not!);
  • Spamming the gallery with a number of low quality experiences just to try and fit into the 4th-10th places may result in all your entries being disqualified;
  • Not completing the submission steps correctly (see below) may result in your entry being ineligible;
  • The judging will be done by The Sandbox’s staff and Care Bears’ staff.

What makes an entry valid?

  • Game length should be at least 5 minutes (excluding timed, collection quests);
  • Use at least 25 different assets;
  • Follow the storyline/theme;
  • Experience must be created after the start date (any experiences built for previous game jams cannot be used);
  • The Sandbox staff members have the right to remove any entry as they see fit.

Submitting your entry

You MUST also submit your game to the following form link:

If you submit your entry to the Game Jam gallery but do not submit it to the form linked above (or vice versa), your entry will not be eligible!

Slow down — check everything! Take the time to submit a qualitative experience rather than rushing and submitting a half-finished experience.

Game Maker and VoxEdit

Check out the tutorials page on The Sandbox’s official knowledge base here:

Judging Criteria

The entries are judged on a 100 points scale divided into the following categories:

  • Overall Idea — (25 Points);
  • Level/Game Design — (25 Points);
  • Creativity — (25 Points);
  • Playability — (25 Points);
  • Bonus Points: Wow Factor — (Up to 25 Points Extra).

Do you have what it takes to win this contest? Submit your entry and find out!

Side note: ChromeOS is testing a new keyboard for Android games.