HC.Games spoke with Kevin Wolstenholme of Homa to ask him some questions about the hyper-casual game market in 2022. We discussed changes in the hyper-casual game market, current chips, and the secrets to creating a successful hyper-casual game.

There’s definitely a shift and player appetite towards a deeper gameplay experience. Whilst the fundamentals of hyper casual should be the benchmark for almost all mobile games in terms of onboarding, minimal UI and simplification of initial experience, depth and LTV should be an important factor for game designers looking for longevity.

Whilst pop culture always plays a part in trending «themes» on the app stores, these come in waves and are typically short-lived; it’s always been the same. Familiar game mechanics and genres are the ones that have staying power. Of course, there will always be some outliers and those that buck the trend, but those are few and far between.

Overall, trend-wise, Arcade Idle has definitely cemented itself as a permanent sub-genre. It takes all the elements of classic Idle games and injects a fun, playable, hyper-casual arcade style to them making for a true hybrid experience.

In terms of trends, Arcade Idle has established itself as a promising sub-genre that takes elements of classic Idle games and brings a fun, playable, hyper-casual arcade style. It gives gamers a hybrid gaming experience.

Kevin Wolstenholme, Studio Community Director at Homa

A new fusion of Merging has also gathered momentum. Merge Master from Homa was the most downloaded hyper-casual title in Q1 ( 54M downloads ) and it’s exciting to see so many other great titles twisting new life into this old genre. Fusing mechanics and genres to create something new is a fantastic approach to ideation.

Merge Master by Homa

Side note: Rebranding Homa Games.

The classic runner genre has also had numerous hit titles. As we edge closer to the end of the year, game developers are still coming up with fresh and interesting innovations. There will always be a demand for instant action, pick up and play-style games as long they bring something new to the table.

Overall, depth is Kevin’s key takeaway, be it collectibles, upgrades, player progression, and more, marking a notable transition to a hybrid-casual experience.

Thanks Kevin Wolstenholme from Homa for the discussion!