In recent years, mobile games have become increasingly popular and provide users with a broader gaming experience. Will technological advances very soon allow us to play any game on our mobile devices? Will hyper-casual games become more technologically advanced?

We’ve already covered some topics regarding the incredible growth of hyper-casual games, we recommend checking it out:

With today’s technology, we have seen incredible promise. Augmented reality mobile games are starting to gain momentum with each passing day. It will be interesting to see what 2022 brings and how it will affect the industry as a whole.

However, the competition in mobile gaming will grow even more. Mobile games not only need to be improved technically but also taken to a new level suitable for “casual” gamers.

Taking mobile games to the next level will allow more people to interact with them, especially with augmented reality. AR is entering the market, and we expect AR-based mobile gaming to continue its growth in 2022.

While the popularity of home gaming consoles has always been at an all-time high and will never change, there is no doubt that mobile devices will become more and more a part of the gaming industry. Google, for example, has just recently confirmed that it is bringing its Google Play Games service to the PC in 2022.

Mobile gaming is a great way to reach a large audience because when you can play free games, you don’t need to buy a game console or a PC. That being said, your game is always with you, in your pocket.

The industry will continue to evolve, and soon there will be casual players who like the convenience of mobile gaming. Note that this year, numerous popular game developers have started developing mobile games and vice versa.