With IAPs bringing in less than 50% of revenue, user engagement in the mobile gaming industry is becoming vital, and creative and strategic thinking is coming to the forefront. The TapNation campaign has shared on social media what CPI is and advice on how to improve it.

CPI is the cost per install per new user from paid advertising. This indicator reflects the market power of creatives.

In other words, this indicator predicts how many conversions the studio will get. The main goal is to convince users to install the game after seeing an ad.

TapNation explains:

  • CPI helps determine the effectiveness of a campaign in generating installs;
  • A low CPI means the campaign reached the right target audience, at the right time, with quality creativity.

Side note: How accessible and inclusive ads improve your CPI.

How to improve CPI:

  • Player Orientation. The gamer must identify and associate with the game characters and events;
  • Attracting attention. Grab players’ attention in the first three seconds. Emotion is an effective way to do this;
  • Orientation. Keep an eye on competitors’ creatives, social media trends and new games in the top charts.

By taking the time and paying proper attention to this part of the game development process, the company will likely end up with a hit. A hit that will make good money.