The popular mobile game Subway Surfers hits 4 billion downloads since its release 11 years ago.

A side note: Supersonic hits 3.4 billion downloads

Developer SYBO is pleased to announce that the game has found new life in 2022, becoming one of the leaders in terms of downloads. In addition, the daily and monthly active user counts have held steady at 20 million and 120 million respectively.

Subway Surfers hits

The game’s long lifespan is testament to how important Subway Surfers has become as an example of the sustained success of mobile gaming and how good design can ensure a loyal audience. The rise in popularity also indicates that SYBO has managed to create something of a game that is timeless and of interest to absolutely any generation of gamers.

SYBO will also participate as a speaker at the Hyper Games Confenrence in Istanbul on 27-28 April.