The mobile gaming market is evolving. Developers are introducing innovative game mechanics and using increasingly advanced retention systems. The Statista platform reports that the mobile gaming market in Nigeria will be worth $126 million by 2023.

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According to Statista, as of January 2022, Nigeria has the most significant Internet users in Africa, with 109 million users. Most traffic is generated from mobile devices.

Today, cell phones are widely available in the region. Not all devices are connected to the Internet, but a Statista study predicts this situation will change soon.

The platform reports that the number of users will triple over the next six years, and by 2025 the number of smartphone users will exceed 140 million.

70% of Nigeria’s population is under the age of 30. This puts the country first in the world regarding the number of young people, the average age of which is 18 years.

A large number of young people, the increase in the number of smartphone users and the general availability of the Internet contribute to the development of the Nigerian mobile gaming market. It also speaks to the potential of the gaming industry in Nigeria, which big companies are paying attention to.

Read the full Statista report on the mobile gaming market in Nigeria here.