Music streaming giant Spotify has acquired the music game Heardle. The amount of the deal remains undisclosed.

Spotify published the news of the acquisition on a personal blog; after that, the app disappeared from stores in many countries, which provoked discontent among users and increased interest in what was going on.

The music game Heardle challenges players to guess a song from its opening notes. Players are given six tries to do it, and subsequent guesses reveal more information about the song.

Spotify sees the acquisition of Heardle as a method of introducing consumers to new artists and will offer players the opportunity to listen to the entire song after each game is completed.

The company is always looking for interesting and fun ways to enhance the music search experience and help artists attract new fans

Jeremy Ehrlich, head of Spotify’s global music division

Limiting access

According to the BBC, some fans and longtime players were unimpressed with the acquisition. The game became popular worldwide during the peak of the pandemic, but with the new acquisition, access is limited to the following countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Once the localization of the app is complete, there are plans to roll it out to other countries, but no specific timeline has been given for this.

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