A recent report by research and analytics company Newzoo on the Spanish gaming market shows that four out of five Spaniards are gaming fans. Spaniards contributed $2.3 billion in gaming industry revenue in 2022, and 83% of the country’s residents are gamers.

Today Spain ranks 23rd in the world in the number of gamers. 83% of the country’s population — 31.7 million people — are called gamers. In 2022, gaming industry revenue in this country was $2.3 billion, and 48% of gamers spent money on games that year.

According to Newzoo, men make up 51% of players in Spain, women 49%, and less than one per cent of players are non-binary personas.

One-fifth of Spanish Internet users ages 10-65 watch esports, with 7% doing so monthly.

Mobile games have been popular despite spending more hours on PCs and consoles in the last six months. This year, the share of mobile gaming in Spain reached 60%, with gamers playing up to three hours weekly.

Newzoo reports that the share of console games was 48%. Users played an average of four hours per week. At the same time, the percentage of PC gamers was 41%, where gamers also played an average of four hours per week.

Side note: 52 per cent of Europeans play mobile games.