The mobile game Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has celebrated 50 million downloads. Netmarble, the company that created the game’s adaptation, has launched an in-game event to mark the occasion.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a game based on anime with gacha mechanics. Anime game players make up less than 3% of total users, but according to, they account for 20% of all spending.

The appeal of anime games is divided into several components: simplicity and stylization. The visuals attract new fans and the unconventional gameplay appeals to existing fans of the genre.

Side note: Genshin Impact made $3.6 billion.

Anime fans are encouraged to spend money on numerous stylized materials related to the series and manga. Collecting figurines, exclusive food decorations, and other relatively small campaigns, compel spending money often.

Publishers such as Shueisha, behind the world-famous anime series Dragonball and Naruto, are increasingly turning their attention to the mobile market and opening mobile game divisions.

Since one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time is Fate: Grand Order, based on the popular multimedia franchise, the gacha mechanic, which is based on decorative elements, could soon leap the West as well.